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German integration course

Everyone who is not a EU/EEA national must prove German language ability at A1 level before they can make their first application for an extended stay. Extended stay means that the immigrant intends to stay in Austria for longer than 3 months. There by the immigrant is no longer considered a tourist, as the tourist visa is only valid for a maximum of 3 months.

Turkish citizens are exempt from these regulations. For the requirements you must fulfil please check directly with your consulate/embassy in Turkey.

In principle proof of A1 must be provided before arrival abroad. However the following people can also complete the A1 examination within the country:

  • Family members of people with Austrian citizenship who after their legal entry participate in an A1 examination during their lawful stay (e.g. through entering on a tourist visa)
  • Foreigners who may enter without a visa and who successfully complete, during their visa-free time, the A1 examination (refugees and asylum seekers)
  • People who have the Visa R-W-R card (e.g. those who are particularly high qualified)
  • People who are for the purpose of studying in Austria

Evidence of A1 level is recognised from the following institutions:

  • ÖSD
  • Goethe-Institut e.V.
  • Telc GmbH
  • Generally recognized language diploma / course certificate from an institution abroad

A person who possesses a certificate at a higher level (A2, B1, B2, C1) from one of these establishments can of course also present these and they will be accepted as proof of A1 ability. With this you have completed the conditions of “German before arrival”!

Language certificates must not be older than 1 year at time of application!

For further information about the integration exam (including a sample test) please visit:

Status of information: July 2012
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