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German integration course

Since the 1st July 2011 the NEW Integration Agreement applies. Everyone who is not a EU/EEA national and who has come to Austria since the 1st July 2011 must complete the compulsory modules of the new integration agreement.

People with the following immigration status must fulfil the integration agreement Module 1:

  • red-white-red-card
  • red-white-red-card plus
  • permanent residence permit
  • permanent residence permit – except for employment
  • permanent residence permit – relatives
  • family member

Module 2 of the new integration agreement is not compulsory!

The Old Integration Agreement applies to everyone who is not a EU/EEU national and who has come to Austria since 2003 but before 1st July 2011.

NEW integration agreement

The NEW integration agreement is made of 2 modules.
After you have signed the integration agreement you will receive a blue federal voucher (NEW integration agreement) or respectively a yellow federal voucher (OLD integration agreement).

Modul 1

For the granting of certain residence permits and the extension of stay module 1 is compulsory.
Every person who has signed the integration agreement is obliged to prove, within 2 years, his or her German language skills at A2 level.
If the integration agreement is fulfilled within 18 months and you have taken the test at the ÖIF, you will receive with this voucher 50% of the course fees refunded. You will receive back a maximum of 750, - €.

Module 1 includes participation in a German integration course at one of the certified providers amounting to 300 lessons each of 45 minutes. Following this the A2 examination must be successfully completed at the ÖIF.  The Deutschinstitut belongs to one of the certified providers in Vienna.

You will be informed of your examination result within 2 weeks of having taken the examination at the ÖIF. If you have failed the exam you can retake it any number of times within a given period of time.  You must then retake the whole exam. It is not possible to only retake a section of the exam (e.g. the oral section).

At the ÖIF you can take both the ÖIF-test NEW (for the A2 level) and the DTÖ (for the A2 and B1 levels). ÖIF charge 130, - € per exam.

If you already have good knowledge of German you can prove this through providing evidence of a successfully passed A2 exam at one of the following institutions:

  • ÖSD
  • Goethe Institut e.V.
  • Telc GmbH

Please be aware that you must ensure that the certificate is not more than 1 year old! The attendance of a German integration course is not necessary if you already have the appropriate German language skills and can provide evidence of this! If you believe that your German skills are already good enough and you want to participate in an examination, we recommend that you first take an online practice test or come into the office to visit us for a personal consultation!

The fulfilment period stipulated in the integration agreement may be extended upon request to a maximum of 12 months.  The personal circumstances of each immigrant will be considered individually upon request for an extension. The extension application must be submitted before the deadline expires!

Module 2

Module 2 is not compulsory. However in order to be granted permanent residence or citizenship module 2 must be completed before application!

Module 2 is fulfilled through evidence of German language skills at B1 level. This may be proven through providing evidence of having passed the B1 level exam at the ÖIF or through the presentation of universally recognised language diplomas or certificates at B1 level.

As universally recognised certificates / language diplomas evidence from the following institutions is recognised:

  • ÖSD
  • Goethe Institut e.V.
  • Telc GmbH

In addition module 2 is also fulfilled if:

  • You are a minor and have attended an Austrian primary school.
  • You are a minor, have attended an Austrian secondary school and have concluded with a positive mark in German.
  • You have attended 5 years compulsory education in Austria and can prove a positive mark in German, or have completed the 9th school year with a positive mark in German.
  • You have a positive mark in German from a foreign school. The German lessons held abroad must at least be equal to the level of the 9th school year in Austria!
  • You have completed an apprenticeship under the Vocational Training Act.

As module 2 is not compulsory there are no sanctions in cases of failure! The resulting costs (course fees, exam fees) are non-refundable!


OLD integration agreement

Everyone who is not a EU/EEA national and who has come to Austria since 2003 but before 1st July 2011 must prove German language knowledge at A2 level within 5 years from the issue of their residence permit.
If you signed the OLD integration agreement then you received a yellow federal voucher.

The OLD integration agreements made up of 2 Modules.

Module 1 is a literacy course taken by all immigrants who are not familiar with the Latin alphabet. The course is 75 lessons each 45 minutes long. If the module is successfully completed within the year you will receive with your federal voucher up to 375, - € refunded.   

Module 2 is made up of 4 German courses each 75 lessons of 45 minutes (in total 300 lessons). Module 2 is completed with an exam of A2 level. If you have successfully taken part in the final examination within 2 years you will receive, with your federal voucher, 50% of the course fees refunded.  You will receive back a maximum of 750, - €.


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Status of information: July 2012
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